Steve Roud in his new book, Folk Song in England (essential reading for anyone interested in the folk song movement in England) includes an acknowledgement of my work which he told me had been ‘a boon’ when researching about the role of the Folk-Song Society.

I am pleased to have been asked to send copies of my recordings for inclusion in the British Sound Library’s Archive.

Tracks from my CD Simply Traditional have been played by Mike Norris on his radio programme Classic Folk on The Wireless. The show is aired every Monday 7pm to 9pm and current programmes can be heard by logging in to:

Previous programmes in which I am featured are:

26 June 2017, Classic Folk 266 – singing As I Roved Out

16 October 2017, Classic Folk 282 – singing Bedlam City

16 April 2018, Classic Folk 308 – singing As I Roved Out (again!)